We’re the EV Supermarket

Adapting to the all-electric lifestyle can seem like a long line of hoops to jump through, but EV Supermarket takes you through the entire process, making it pain-free and proactive.

The transition starts with finding the right EV/Hybrid for you. Beginning with the car will make choosing the charger easy as it will narrow down your charger type options.

What Do We Offer The Electric vehicle Owner?

Our oracle of electric vehicle information constantly updates and refreshes to reveal the best options on the market, which you can tailor according to your preference of model, make, and mileage range.

If you’re considering an EV/Hybrid with a high mileage range, we recommend that you opt for a home charging unit. They help prepare EV owners for the distances they make day in, and day out by charging the battery up fully between long days.

Similarly to our EV comparisons, you can also refine your search for chargers and tailor it specifically to your requirements. This includes installation costs, mileage range, warranty, facial recognition, and even grant funding eligibility.

Apply For the OZEV Grant

You will be eligible for the OZEV grant if you meet a number of requirements set out by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. The scheme provides 75% off the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point, up to a maximum of £350.

The good news is that we have the lowdown on grant eligibility as anyone can easily apply through our online application form.

If you’re eligible, we automatically deduct £350 from your order once you buy a charger with us.

Our service doesn’t stop there – we fully install all of our customer’s charge points at their home. We only install the best, which include Anderson, Project EV, Rolec EV, EO, myenergi, podPOINT, and wallbox.

Keep all of your EV errands in one place with EV Supermarket.