Range Anxiety. How bad is it?

Range Anxiety or the fear of running out of charge in your electric vehicle is still seen as a concern for EV Drivers. It can also be a potential stumbling block to those people considering buying an electric vehicle. But should it be?

According to a recent survey by Kwik Fit of 2,000 adults, only eight percent of people said they expect their next car purchase to be a fully electric vehicle. This statistic in itself may not be seen as a huge surprise, but the reasons why may do. 37% of car owners cited a lack of fast chargers as the main reason for not buying an EV followed closely by 35% who specified ‘range anxiety’ as the reason. The average car journey is still only around 8.5 miles per trip and has been around this mark for the last 25 years according to ‘The Car in British Society’ report by The RAC.

As Electric Vehicles become more popular and the government’s ban on petrol and diesel cars gets ever closer, the technology in these vehicles continues to grow. So should people be worried about their battery running out of charge?

On a full charge, the new Vauxhall Corsa-E has a range of 209 miles, the Peugeot E-208 has 217 miles and the Hyundai Kona up to 300 miles. These are all similar to what you would expect from over half a tank of petrol or diesel. A typical electric vehicle takes just under 8 hours to charge from empty-to-full with a 7kW charging point. Most chargers that we have available on our website operate at around that mark, meaning you could get almost a full charge every evening through the use of a home charger.

The infrastructure and charging network around the country is also getting much better which should help reduce this ‘range anxiety’. Zap-Map, for example, is an app/website that displays over 20,000 public charge points across the UK and comes with a handy route planner for longer journeys. This way you can plan your route to stop off at rapid charge points to quickly charge your vehicle and get back on the road.

So, if you are considering an electric vehicle but are put off by the thought of running out of charge, don’t be! The technology is getting better and the prices are generally getting lower. Having a home charger for your electric vehicle means you can charge whenever you are home and have almost a full battery ready for whenever you use your vehicle.

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