The Cheapest EV Charger

Priced at: £470.00 (making it one of the cheapest EV chargers)

This charger is one of the most popular chargers in the UK due to its competitive price tag. Being one of the cheapest EV chargers around makes it one of the most popular purchases for EV drivers.

Charge point features:

  • Scheduled charging- Using the Project EV EVA-07S PRO earth app, you can set your EV to charge at a time to suit you. Such as when your electricity rate is at its cheapest.
  • Usage monitoring
  • Charging history
  • Security features
  • 5 year warranty
  • Solar charging
  • Smart charging
  • Grant fundable
  • Type 2 charger
  • 7.4kW 30m per hour range
  • Socketed design ensures full compatibility with all makes of EV
  • Electrical protection- Fully over and under temperature protection
  • Does not come with a cable, you’ll need to use your own that may come with the EV, if not you’ll have to buy your own.

Get one of the cheapest EV chargers today!