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Charger Description
Charger Features
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Easee charger was made to provide customers with an intelligent charging station that not only replaces the outlet, but also gives you more power, smarter control and a higher level of security.

Charger Features

With the industry-standard being 3 years of warranty protection.

The Easee home charger chargers ten times faster than with a regular outlet. It provides you with the highest charging power to charge your EV as quickly as possible with it’s available capacity.

Up to 3 charging robots on one fuse is acceptable with the Easee charger. The charging robot will automatically detect what power the vehicle or vehicles require and manages to charge cars with the available power distributed automatically and dynamically between them attending their different needs at the same time.

The Easee charger can charge both 1 and 3 phases. It supports charging up to 22 kW and has a Type 2 universal charging connector

The charger is available in five colours, we wanted you to have the choice to venture out, to see what would look best installed at your home. It gives you the option to make your charger look discreet or make it a statement to show your neighbours you drive electric.

Mobile Features

  • In the app you have access to all your facilities and the various charging robots.
  • Monitor the power consumption of your home.
  • Communicate with your app, so it knows when you need your car to be ready and it’ll schedule charging at the cheapest time possible
  • Start and stop charging.
  • Access your data history to monitor your energy usage.
  • Control your charging schedule to suit your driving lifestyle or off-peak.
  • WiFi connectivity, charging robots are connected to the internet with integrated 4G
  • iOS and Android App approved


  • Datasheet: Click here
  • Diameter Depth: Height- 256mm x Width- 193mm x Depth- 106mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Colour Range: White, red, blue, black, anthracite
  • Charging Output: 1.4kW -22kW