Chargestorm Connected 22kW Tethered


with the OLEV Grant
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The Chargestorm Connected is an EV charger designed for easy use and safety.

It’s ideal for home, commercial or workplace installations and meets all the required safety standards. This charger can have one or two outlets for EV charging, in both tethered and socketed variation.

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Chargestorm 2 3.7kW Socketed

Chargestorm 2 3.7kW Socketed

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Chargestorm 2 7.4kW Tethered

Chargestorm 2 7.4kW Socketed

Chargestorm 2 7.4kW Socketed

Chargestorm 22kW Tethered

Chargestorm 22kW Socketed

Charger Features

With the industry-standard being 3 years of warranty protection.

Grant fundable through the OZEV EV HomeCharge Scheme (EVHS) where you can receive £350 for each charger.

CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 has the option of dual Type 2 outlets or dual fixed charging cables – economical and a smart solution for tenant-owner associations etc. Supplied with single or dual outputs, supports both type 2 outlets and type 2 EV charging cables.

TAKING CHARGE App Control. 4G connectivity (option) and open integration. 

Mobile Features

  • Schedule charging, view your history, adjust charging power, manage RFID, manage software updates and adjust the display brightness just by using the easy, user-friendly app.
  • iOS and Android approved.


  • Datasheet: Click here
  • Size: 449 x 282 x 160 mm
  • Weight: Up to 25kg
  • Colour Range: Green/ Black
  • Charging output: 3.7kW, 7.4kW 22Kw (price may vary depending on charging output)