EV Energy Tariffs

Octopus GO Tariff

  • 50% cheaper than typical Economy 7 night time rate
  • Smart friendly API: Automatically charge when it’s cheapest with a smart charger or cable
  • Upgrade to 100% carbon offset gas with Supergreen Octopus
  • 4 hours off-peak electricity 00:30-04:30 every day (28 hours per week)

    Octopus Energy Go is purely for electric vehicle drivers and gives you very cheap electricity between 12.30am and 4.30am every night

    Octopus Agile Tariff

    • Perfect for electric vehicles, storage heaters, or anyone who can shift their electricity use outside of the 4pm – 7pm peak.
    • Enjoy cheaper electricity prices when wholesale prices fall
    • Plunge Pricing pays you to take excess energy off the grid

    When more electricity is being used than generated, wholesale prices rise. While price spikes are short-lived, typically lasting 30 minutes to an hour, they do happen.

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