Solar Panels & Battery Storage

Join the Solar Energy Revolution

  1. Start saving the planet and lowering your emissions
  2. Begin saving on your energy bills while charging your electric car for free
  3. Generate an extra income by trading your excess energy back to the grid
  4. Tax free benefits from income
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Advantages of solar energy

Renewable Energy

Solar energy helps you reduce your carbon footprint as it doesn’t pollute the air

Start Saving

Start saving by generating your own energy while protecting yourself against utility providers increasing their prices

Solar Community

Nearly 1 million UK homeowners unlocked a new source of income through solar energy and solar battery storage

Low Maintenance

Solar panels require little to no maintenance. Plus panels have no moving parts which can break

How you can use your Solar Panels & Battery Storage

Generate energy
Use your solar panels to create your own clean energy
Store energy
Use your battery to store your energy you have harnessed from the sun
Trade energy
Sell any excess energy you have generated back to the grid

How solar storage works

How battery storage works is really simple. It stores your solar energy you generated so that you can use it when you are home. You could also store it to sell it back to the grid.

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Trading your energy

You save your solar energy in your battery and trade this through Social Energy. Social energy is an organisation which provides you with energy trading solutions to be fully compliant with the national grid.